What is the difference between a public event and a private event? 

If you navigate to the Privacy Settings of your event in Box Office (located on the left side navigation under the section titled Event Management, you will notice three settings:

  1. Public. Your event will be listed publicly and will be discoverable to the public on the Site, including www.sitickets.com and the SI Tickets mobile application.
  2. Private. Your event will only be discoverable by Users who you have access to the Event Link (URL).  
  3. Unlisted. Your event will not be listed publicly. 


If you want to open your event to the public, we recommend that you set your Event Privacy Settings to Public. 


If you want to keep your attendees limited to a private guest list, we recommend you set your Event Privacy Settings to Private. 


If you wish to pause the sale of tickets for the event, we recommend you adjust your Event Privacy Settings to Unlisted. 


PLEASE NOTE: Adjusting the Event Privacy Settings to Unlisted will not impact the Event Status or the Order Status of any transactions, and although the event is not published on the site and unless the Event Status is adjusted by you to Canceled, the event is still expected to take place and any valid tickets presented at the venue must result in gainful attendance of the event as advertised. 


If you have any questions about your Event Privacy Settings, please contact boxofficesupport@sitickets.com

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