How to create an event using Box Office

Ready to build an event using Box Office? The great news is, it’s easy!


Simply login to your Box Office portal. You will automatically land on your account Overview Page. From the Overview Page, select the big red button which says Start Here under the box entitled “Host an Event” on the right side of the page.


You can also create events from the Events Page which you can navigate to by selecting Events from the top navigation options. Once you’re on the Events Page, simply click on the button on the top right of the screen which says Add Event +


Either option will open the Box Office Event Creation form, which consists of four (4)  steps. Simply input the event information requested, and hit the Next button to continue through the event creation process. Here is all of the information you will need to provide in order to create your Event:

1. Event Date 

  • Start Date
  • Start Time

2. Event Details 

  • Event Title
  • Performer / Host 
  • Venue Address 
    • Only Google Verified Addresses will be accepted. 
    • Select the Venue Address from the list of addresses which populate as you type in the Street Address.
  • Venue Name 
  • Event Category 
  • Event Subcategory 
  • Event Cover Image
    • For the best result, upload a picture that can easily be cropped to a 2:1 aspect ratio.
    • [Image of where the Cover Image will be displayed]
  • Short Description
    • [Image of where the Short Description Appears]
    • [Max Characters]
  • Event Description
    • You can fully customize your Event Description by using the Editor tools provided. Add pictures, videos, graphics, and any content that will bring your event to life!
    • [Image of where the Event Description will be displayed]
    • [Example of customized creative for Event Description]


3. Ticket Details 

  • Create and customize ticket tiers to match what you're planning. You can create a max of 10000 across as many tiers as you see fit for your event! 
  • Tiers are like sections or levels or ticket types, for instance: 
    • VIP General Admission 
    • General Admission 
  • To create a Ticket Tier select the button Add a Tier
  • Input the following information: 
    • Tier Name
    • Tier Description 
    • Tier Photo (optional) 
      • You can always add a Tier Photo after you create the event, or change the Tier Photo you have added. 
      • [Here is where the Tier Photo will appear]
    • Quantity 
      • You can always add more tickets to the tier later, but once you create the tickets in the tier, you cannot reduce the quantity or remove tickets from the tier. 
    • Price 
      • You can adjust the price as often as you’d like after you create the event. All unsold tickets in the tier will be priced as the Price you input here. 
  • Select Save to save the Tier you created. Once you have created a Tier you can either edit or delete that Tier.  
  • Once you are done creating Tiers for your event, select Next to continue.

4. Publish Your Event 

  • You have the option to Publish the event, which will post it on and the SI Tickets Mobile Application for sale, or 
  • You may select the option to keep the event Unlisted, which will save your Event Details without publishing the event for sale on the Site. 


Once an event has been published, you cannot modify the location of the event. If the Event Location has changed, you will need to cancel the original event and create a new event. Learn how to Cancel Events here


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